8 comments on “Mega City Book Club Podcast #12

  1. Got Prog 2000ad! Read Dredd and Nemesis.


    Both strips felt a bit tired and contrived. Nemesis’ story makes no sense and all Pat Mills has done is rehash a battle and dismiss the original ending to the saga.

    Judge Dredd is another rehash with clones of an old villain. No logical explanation how they popped up in Dredd’s future! Just feels a bit fan fiction.

    I guess I built up my expectation too much. 😕

  2. Must admit, I thought the Dredd story was a little crappy. John Wagner doesn’t bother to provide any backstory to the Cal clones. Felt like ‘random perps appear out of nowhere’ story writing!

    If the older John Wagner does have one fault as a writer it’s his lack of decent backstory to certain characters. Maybe escapes the Dark Judges with little explanation, Judge Death came back to Mega-City One in Dark Justice with little explanation, Cal clones appear from nowhere (and wouldn’t it make more sense for Cal clones to be hidden inside MC-1 – be easier to find Dredd if the clones are within MC-1). I can’t recall the younger John Wagner writing like that.

    Remember when Judge Child brought Fink and Mean Angel back to life – that was cool and credible. We saw the Judge Child wanting to get revenge on Dredd. There was natural continuity. But having Cal clones appear decades after Cal died feels a tad contrived.

    The Nemesis story dismisses the original ending of the saga. Nemesis has now become ‘The Force Awakens’ of 2000AD strips. Just forget the original ending and rehash it all! Pat Mills has gone all JJ Abrams. Oh dear. 😛

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