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  1. Guys,

    You are right. It is another example of how unfair the world is when it takes someone like Steve at this age. I can’t comment on it on my blog as it will break my iron rule of no article will upset me and speaking of the loss of Steve Dillon will do that every time.

    Can I ask for a shout out for Harlem Heroes by Steve as everyone overlooks that and it was some of his first class art that people forget existed.


  2. Nicely said Mick! The only thing more shocking to me than his death at 54, is the realisation of how young he would have been when he was drawing some of the most iconic moments in 2000AD. His work was always instantly recognisable as a fan going back and finding back issues and reprints. It stuck out to me as much as McMahon, Bolland, Ezquerra, Gibson, Smith, Bellardinelli, Gibbons etc etc – in that they were all amazing and each so different in style.
    Sadly we are moving into that time where musicians, artists and writers that have moved us so much growing up are getting to an age where will lose them one by one.
    But damn 54 is going way too soon.

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