One comment on “Prog 2009 cover preview

  1. The final part of Hunted didn’t make sense.


    In part three it was established the Traitor General was going to hand Rogue to the alien race The Xianti. In exchange for Rogue the Xianti will give the general some reward.

    In the final episode – part nine – the reward is mentioned:

    “But he needs the GI alive — the price of securing a safe existence far from here.”

    The general decides to shoot Rogue in the chest. The woman wants to know what’s happened to her husband. The general says he died a few months ago and he tries to kill her. Rogue appears and general disappears.


    Er.. I thought the whole point of the story was to lure Rogue into the general’s lair so he could capture him… so why did the general decide to run away? And why did Rogue have no injury to his chest? He seems fine and healthy when he picks up the woman!

    It was seven episodes leading up to an awful ending:

    “I’ll lure Rogue Trooper to me and then I’ll shoot him but I won’t try and capture him, no, I’ll just get in my ship and fly away.”

    Surely the general should have found Rogue and Rogue – with his chest injury – fights back and the general is hurt and runs away. That way you get some POINT to it all – at least that way the general does SOMETHING to justify why he was trying to capture Rogue. But nope, he shoots Rogue in the chest, doesn’t try to see if Rogue is injured, doesn’t find Rogue’s location (which can’t be that far away given the fact he uses his gun sight to hit him in the chest), nope, he flees!

    A POINTLESS STORY. Very poor. I’d rather have no more Rogue Trooper flashbacks if they’re as pointless as this story.

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