2 comments on “Prog 2010 cover preview

  1. PROG 2011 content – SPOILER ALERT

    Celebrate the festive season with another bumper 100-page end of year spectacular, featuring a stunning line of stories and creators!

    Justice Department has a novel method of reducing illegalities but Dredd’s not happy in “Taking the Crime out of Christmas” by Rob Williams and Chris Weston;

    there’s terror in the snow for a one-off Fall of Deadworld story by Kek-W and Dave Kendall; brand-new series Kingmaker welcomes you to a fantasy land with a twist, courtesy of Ian Edginton and Leigh Gallagher;

    Bulliet and his Grey Area team are back on Earth and facing a more terrestrial threat, by Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison;

    the legacy of Black Hawk lives on in Aquila: Mors in Venetia by Gordon Rennie and Paul Davidson;

    Ace Garp takes on the might of Euphrates, Inc in “The Festive Flipflop!” by Eddie Robson and Nigel Dobbyn;

    the fabric of time could be rent asunder in the third series of The Order by Kek-W and John Burns;

    and plunge into the dark underbelly of a very different 1940s Hollywood in new supernatural P.I. thriller Hope by Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton!

  2. Pretty good end-of-year prog!

    I don’t read non-Wagner Dredds (saves me moaning!) but I do read the pictures! Andrew Currie drew some of the JD Megazine Doomsday stuff so it’s nice to see him back on JD.

    Liked the story starting on page 2. Wouldn’t mind more 2000 ADs starting with Judge Dredd instead of the nerve center page.

    Flesh – there’s not much story to bite into and the anti-Flesh president vs the evil Trans Time subplot has been forgotten about – which is a pity cos it sounded pretty cool (and was the ending of the last book too!) – but the twist in the final part of this book was a great example of a Mills’ “da da daaaaaaaaaa!” moment. Gorehead leading an army of T-Rexes – a brilliant idea worthy of mad Pat Mills. 🙂

    Savage – loved this. Sort of Michael Bay meets Pat Mills! 😛

    The car chase scene felt like an action film film sequence. The extra pages gave the action a bit more room. Patrick Goddard’s art is exceptional.

    Pat Mills comes up with another great cliffhanger ending. The song lyrics suggest Pat Mills is questioning Savage’s morality. Perhaps Bill Savage is as bad as the Volgans? Well, perhaps not as bad, the Volgans started the war, but you can argue Bill Savage is a psychopath and the Volgan invasion gave him an ‘excuse’ or outlet for his pathological tendencies.

    Counterfeit Girl – great ending with a nice twist. A cool tribute to Steve Dillon on the final page. He is smiling on a viewscreen.

    Counterfeit Girl 2 possible? Ya never know…

    Top prog. 🙂

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