5 comments on “Megazine 380 cover preview

  1. Not sure if this is accurate or a mistake but Forbidden Planet list Steve Dillon as Judge Dredd artist in the 40th birthday prog:


    To celebrate an incredible four decades of continuous weekly publication, 2000 AD marks its 40th birthday with a 48-page bumper special, packed with all-new stories from the cream of comics talent.

    There’s a brand-new case for Judge Dredd courtesy of John Wagner and Steve Dillon; Hammerstein and Ro-Jaws take their revenge on Howard Quartz in ‘Ro-Busters’ by Pat Mills and Clint Langley; we return to the mad, mad world of Zombo by Al Ewing and Henry Flint; Nikolai Dante gets the party started in ‘Devil May Care’ by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser; a young Slaine shows that he’s got what it takes to join the Red Branch, courtesy of Pat Mills and Simon Davis; plus much more!


    Would be a great way to remember Steve Dillon. His final Judge Dredd artwork in the 40th birthday prog. 🙂

  2. CBR.com website mention Peter Doherty as artist:

    Arriving in February, the prog will feature the stories “Judge Dredd: Blood” by Wagner and Peter Doherty; “Nikolai Dante: Devil May Care” by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser; “Sláine: Red Branch” by Pat Mills and Simon Davis; “Ro-Busters: Seeing Red” by Mills and Clint Langley; “Zombo” by Al Ewing and Henry Flint; and “Durham Red: Judas Strain” by Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen and Ezquerra.

    Perhaps there are two Dredd stories in the prog?

    • Would have been great to have seen new Dillon Judge Dredd. One of the classic Dredd artists.

      His final Dredd strip was in 1992.

  3. I would never have guessed that cover was by Redondo – it’s good enough, but just doesn’t look like his style. Always good to see more work by Jesus though!

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