One comment on “Prog 2016 cover preview

  1. Off topic but breaking news!


    CIA admit the plot for the Trump movie has been leaked!

    Movie title:



    After winning the 2016 presidential election, new president Donald J Trump goes power-mad and implements a devastating unlawful executive order. It grants Trump the power to abolish Congress. The order is carried out so quickly Congress can’t do anything. The senators and the rest of those cheapskates lose their jobs. Ted Cruz is deported to Belgium. Donald Trump has an irrational hatred of Belgium due to the fact he struggles to find it on a map.

    Meanwhile… renowned movie maker and wearer of unfashionable baseball caps, Michael Moore, leads the New Democratic Party. Moore vows to defeat the evil Donald Trump. Madonna asks if she can help but Moore says “no thanks, you haven’t made a decent song in decades.”

    The war ends in New York in Trump Tower. Sort of like the first Die Hard movie but with more explosions and no Muslim extras.

    Donald – being a bit of a coward and never to use use a firearm – dies in the battle.

    His last line of dialogue:

    “No-one dies better than me. I really do a great death!”

    Melania Trump and the rest of the family escape in ‘Trump-H’ – Donald’s luxury helicopter-with jacuzzi, paid for by the US taxpayer. The family flees to Russia. In a cool plot twist, Russian president Vladimir Putin, marries Melania Trump. Due to his social anxiety Barron Trump vomits over the wedding cake but none of the guests notice. The cake still tastes delicious!

    The sequel to Trumped:

    Eric Trump Strikes Back

    is currently in development.

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