6 comments on “Official 2000ad ‘Seinfeld’ Thrillcast

  1. “The Thrillcast about nothing. Molch-R does his best in this utterly pointless panel. Dave Gibbons is entertaining as usual but really…this is the panel about nothing. Nothing new about the recently announced Dredd show and nothing new about the gaming side. Totally utterly pointless. ”

    Sounds like Donald Trump’s first six months in office. 😛

  2. I sat in the front row expecting to hear something exciting, especially as it is the 40th anniversary of 2000 AD this year.

    What I got was great stories from Dave Gibbons, nothing from the TV series and computer gentlemen (If they’re embargoed, why have them on the panel) and a bit of an exclusive from Emily about doing a Judge Anderson cover for the Prog.

    As for the games, my mind was blown in a bad way!

      • They could have shown some pre-production sketches or art or even a sketch of the cover that Emily was working on. Really poor to have a panel about a TV series and Games and then be told ‘I can’t talk about it’. The biggest comic-con in the world and…nothing. What was the point?

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