2 comments on “The Law In Order: The Return Of Rico

  1. Interesting. You’re right to say that this gives Dredd a hinterland, but if you’d written this in 1990 it would have seemed like an anomaly that didn’t have any bearing on what came after. I remember reading about Rico around that time and thinking ‘really? Doesn’t sound like Dredd’.

    It wasn’t until Wagner returned to the family thing with Rico Jr and Vienna that the whole family and good twin/evil twin dynamic was brought back into the larger narrative of the strip.

  2. I think from a character point of view it gave something that the strip was lacking at the time and still sort of lacked for a few years afterwards as you rightly say. True, it did play into the trope of the good twin/evil twin and did take many years to get some sort of context from Wagner as to why Rico went bad. Looking at Dredd from a protagonist point of view, he was just sort of there for much of the strip and only when he became an utter bastard did he develop into something else that was more of a force of nature than anything more nuanced. This story lit the fuse of something deeper lurking beneath that fascist bully boy and I think it is to the detriment of the strip that it wasn’t explored and expanded upon earlier. I guess there is an argument to say we weren’t ready for it and if he had gone the way of tortured soul the comic may have died a death.

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