6 comments on “The Law In Order: The Troggies

  1. Bonus Judge Dredd story in prog 2060! Sonny Steelgrave presents:

    Mother Earth! (the sequel to the classic Dredd story from progs 122 – 125):

    Not sure how Slaine fits into the Dredd universe but I’m sure Sonny has figured it all out!

    • Not read it yet, but… Sonny Steelgrave? Originally that was a pseudonym for John Tomlinson, sometimes in partnership with Alan McKenzie. Unless something drastic has changed, I can’t imagine Alan McKenzie writing for Tooth, so presumably that just leaves the Tomlinson-droid?

      • His Armoured Gideon was great but if he pulls out the Sugar Beat or Enemy Below story quality he produced for Dredd then it’s going to be carnage.

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