One comment on “The Law In Order: Dredd’s Day Off


    So John Wagner writes a story showing Hershey’s death and Rob Williams comes along and says “I don’t really accept that ending, let’s bring her back!” and Mr Wagner approves?

    What was the point of Guatemala? And why trick Dredd? Dredd said “goodbye, friend.” It was his final moment with Hershey. It was a poignant moment in the comic strip’s history. That moment is destroyed.

    It’s comic writing/editorship at its most cynical.

    Why did 2000 AD need to go this route? Hershey’s death could have been left alone and Rob Williams has another Judge assigned to finish the Smiley case. That would be a more respectful way to continue the story arc.

    I’m not a fan of Wagner saying “I’m done with Hershey so others can take her in new directions” because it mean any writer can dismiss Wagner’s legacy, recton dead characters and do what they like. Screw that. If Williams were a genuine fan of Judge Dredd he would say “I’m not going to bring back Hershey, I’ll respect John’s story.” But nope, money talks. He got a new writing gig and screw continuity, screw Hershey’s death… *my story* has to be told. Well I ain’t reading it, Rob, and I urge other fans to do the same.

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