One comment on “ECBT2000AD Ep505: Prog 2175

  1. If John Wagner wrote Guatemala as Hershey’s death – and that seems patently obvious given the poignant way Dredd said farewell to the former Chief Judge – then it’s very disrespectful for Smith and Williams to dismiss that. It shows, dare I say, zero respect.

    John Wagner created and developed 2000 AD’s most iconic character and for the current editor to go “yeah, whatever, John, I’ll just pretend Guatemala never happened” is outrageous. And I’ll predict if John Wagner kills off Dredd you can bet Rob Williams will be rubbing his hands with glee and thinking:

    “I can’t wait to reveal it was a fake death!”

    Matt Smith has established the precedent so Rebellion can sweet talk Wagner into writing his final strip – Dredd dies – but they can dismiss it the week after or a few months later!

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