2 comments on “ECBT2000AD Ep506: Prog 2176

  1. Part 2 of Hershey is utterly awful. John Wagner set up Hershey’s death in Guatemala. She was unable to leave her bed due to the illness wasting her away but now she’s walking around Comuna 13 taking on the corrupt judges! She’s super fit! It’s laughable. Disrespectful. Awful.

    In terms of taking the piss and completely ignoring what Wagner wrote, this is the worst story ever printed in 2000AD. Absolute crap. Rob Williams – shame on you!

  2. The Dredd story was terrible too. Some nonsense about bird poo and hidden treasure in an el shaft.

    In the old days Dredd fought Captain Skank and Trapper Hag. Now his great enemy is bird crap.

    The other three stories were good. Overall 7 out of 10 for prog 2176. And any cover that references a James Bond film title is worth a 😉.

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