One comment on “ECBT2000AD Ep509: Prog 2179

  1. Prog 2179. Skip Tracer made zero sense?

    Tracer is inside Nimrod’s mind. Page one panel four, Tracer has Nimrod pinned to the ground.

    Page three panel one, Nimrod is standing up, free of Tracer’s hold. How come? Zero explanation.

    Page three panel two, Keenan zaps Tracer with a mind bolt.

    Page four panel one, Keenan changes his mind . He zaps Nimrod in panel three. Who was controlling Keenan? The mind version of Keenan? The mind version of Tracer?

    The part reads like this… in one panel Tracer is clearly strong then in another he’s clearly weak then in another he’s strong again! None of it made any sense.

    I’m enjoying the overall story but this part was incoherent storytelling.

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