One comment on “ECBT2000AD Ep551: Prog 2214

  1. Apparently Pat Mills has quit 2000AD due to Rebellion refusing to give the creators a larger stake of reprint royalties. Under the current Hatchette reprint deal Rebellion keep 90 percent of the profit and the artist and writer each get 5 percent. I don’t know if part of the 90 percent is given to Hatchette. Obviously Hatchette make money from each book sale but their stake is unknown?

    It’s a shame to see Pat Mills leave 2000AD due to royalty wrangles but 5 percent does seem extreme. Mills wanted around 25 percent which seems fair given his huge contribution to 2000AD, and the fact he created it!

    I’d like to say “thank you” to Pat for creating 2000AD. Without any sense of exaggeration I can say 2000AD changed my life. It brought great joy, wonder and thrill power to my life. I would wait in anticipation for the current prog to arrive knowing it would brighten up my day. Thank you, Pat.

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