One comment on “ECBT2000AD Ep556: Prog 2220

  1. Any chance Ken Niemand can stop writing Judge Dredd? I don’t think he is Gordon Rennie in disguise, his writing style seems a lot different. Anyway, regardless who he is (!), his new story “Who Killed Captain Cookies?” is so grud damn awful it makes me wish the East Meggers had wiped out everyone in Day of Chaos. We would have been spared Captain Cookie and that talking chimp! 🙄

    It’s clear Ken is going the wacky route with his approach to the strip but there is ‘wacky good’ and there is ‘wacky awful’ and Captain Cookies is so infantile not even DC Comics or IDW would have gone with that character.

    Please let Judge Dredd end when Mr Wagner retires. Let the character end with dignity. I’m sorry but stories like Captain Cookies is taking the piss.

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