One comment on “ECBT2000AD Ep557: Prog 2221

  1. I know the panel say Ken Niemand is Gordon Rennie but if you study Gordon Rennie’s writing it’s a tad verbose. Niemand’s writing style is more terse? Closer to Wagner’s style. Also, Niemand’s humour seems different to Rennie’s. More wacky/absurd.

    I don’t get why Rennie would need a fake name anyway. For example, Megatropolis doesn’t feel like a Rennie strip and even if it is why would he need to be anonymous? Rennie has been writing 2000/JD Meg material for over 25 years so it’s very strange to think he would choose anonymity all these years later.

    If Niemand is Rennie then all credit to him for massively altering his writing style. That is very hard to do.

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