One comment on “ECBT2000AD Ep568: Prog 2232

  1. I’ve fallen out of love with 2000AD. I realized why…. there is little joy in the comic. Strips like Hershey, Deadworld, Thistlebone (which I have enjoyed), Terror Tales, Hope, Brink (admittedly a good/great strip) etc are a bit depressing.

    I’m reading old 2000AD too (currently the 300s prog era) and find Rogue Trooper more fun than any modern strip and yet you could argue Rogue Trooper was the number one most depressing ‘world’ in the 2000AD universe! Nu Earth was a nightmare vision of the future, but I reckon Rogue and his biochip buddies were more fun to read than the Dark Judges in Deadworld or many/most modern era stories.

    I think Matt Smith has been influenced by too much horror. I’m guessing he’s a big horror novel or horror film fan. 2000AD has evolved into a sci-fi horror comic whereas it used to be a pure sci-fi comic (apart from strips like Slaine and Button Man). This shift to sci-fi horror been happening for quite a few years.

    The weirdest thing is I read the final part of Thistlebone and it was decent and I did enjoy it but I looked at the page opposite with the cover of next week’s prog and that felt more like the old 2000AD fun vibe. The brightness of the colours, cadet Dredd doing his thing. It felt old school 2000AD. Maybe a hybrid of regened 2000AD and modern 2000AD would be the way forward? Tone down some of the relentless gore and horror vibe and mix it with some extra fun strips. When I say “fun” I don’t mean comedic stories like Feral And Foe which has silly jokes about buttocks. Fun can be grim and dystopian if the writer (and editor) get the balance right. Bad Company book 1 a good example. Fun to read but inherently grim. It’s hard to define, I guess. The old 2000AD had a perfect or near perfect harmony between fun and grim. Zenith was fun but often grim. Nikolai Dante fun but grim. The vast majority of fondly rembered strips were fun but grim. But Deadworld? Hershey? Thistlebone? Hope? Mostly grim. I accept strips like Survival Geeks are not grim but Survival Geeks is one of those pop culture reference strips that isn’t a natural fit with 2000AD.

    One approach could be to scrap the regened prog and incorporate many of the regened strips into the regular prog. You might give 2000AD a stronger balance of fun and grim. Cadet Dredd could transfer to the Dredd Megazine.

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