5 comments on “Prog 1989 Review – Orlok

  1. Having now read the entirety of the “Texas City takes over” story arc, I feel comfortable in saying that, aside from Colin MacNeil’s beautiful art and Rico’s adequately entertaining adventures in the Cursed Earth, this story has been total ass (and illogical ass at that) from start to finish, and that includes the stupid Emerald Isle adventure from earlier that set up why the Brit’s were so pissed. Wait, I take it back, Judge Dredd standing around in Joyce’s mom’s kitchen in his socks was amusing, so there’s that …

    Compared to recent good stuff like Titan, Enceladus and Block Judge, this storyline has been really subpar. And Black Shuck is somehow worse.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the Dredd saga is a sorry mess. I get the story and what twists & turns we were all suppopsed to go along with like nodding dogs chewing on a weighty bone of contention, but it in the end it comes down to some plain bad writing. It felt like Carrol had all these characters for presents, but as soon as he unwrapped one, played with it for a few seconds, got bored and went on the next victim to cast aside just as quick. It mystifies me how those on the other channel have lapped it up without much reasoning or critique and I’m glad they enjoyed it, but it was quite a brainless tale that just goes to show you you can fool some of the people all of the time…

  3. I’m glad to find that I am not the only one to have found the Texas Takeover ‘Epic’ to be all over the shop story wise too. I have to be honest I found it to be fanfic made to look good by Flint and MacNeil and Ezquerra at the end. Some of it even angered me. Silly I know as its only a comic but this really wasn’t up to scratch. I had to block the 2000ad message board on my browser for a while as the plaudits the story was getting was just annoying me. Glad its over. Not looking forward to any follow up stories from it.

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