9 comments on “ABC Warriors – A Potted History 1 of 6

  1. I’m really looking forward to this rest of this article Seth; the original ABC Warriors was the story that drew me into 2000AD.

    As Joe used to say, “A1”

  2. Simon Bisley is returning to 2000AD next year to draw a new Joe Pineapple strip.

    “Next year Simon is starting work on a brand new, 60 page story for 2000AD, featuring none other than Joe Pineapples from The ABC Warriors! This is a return to the coolest character that Simon made his own in his comic’s debut back in ’88. Simon is currently working out the details with the great Pat Mills, who is returning for script duties, the artwork will be fully painted and a real labour of love.”

  3. Wow. He did a sketch of Joe for my mate at last years Cardiff Comic Convention, which was then given to me as a Christmas present, now framed on my wall. Looking forward to that

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