7 comments on “Rogue Trooper – A Potted History Part II

  1. Nice synopsis Seth & well done on taking on such an onerous task. Rogue to me became like the band you loved in your teenage years only to disappear up its own arse (I’m looking at you Marillion) with countless unfathomable & contrived material being churned out (please no more, end it now!)

    The concept of Rogue initially did seem to have a rather narrow spec, his solitary nature was never going to lend itself to a “gangs all here” history and future apart from the sidekicks along the way. That was always going to be the problem. Attempts on making him more human or even humane, usually fell flat. The bit actors, the hangers on and the, dare I say it, ‘love interests’ felt somewhat part of the scenery rather than players to whom one should care about.

    I might be in the minority here, but when the War Machine replaced Rogue Mk 1, I was gutted. ‘The Hit’ series might not to be to everyone’s taste but put it up against ‘Apocalypse Drednought’ and you can understand my lament.

    Maybe my judgement was clouded by being a Steve Dillon fan boy, and Rogue was going round in circles by the end, but they were well drawn ones. So when Cinnabar arrived rather unannounced and came screaming out of the pages in a mixture of blood, crucifixion, mud, vomit and razor wire…I smiled to myself … fuck yeah…

    However, it was not to last, which was probably a good thing. John Smith’s ability to cut the head off his stories is one of his greatest facets (feel free to think of Tyranny Rex however, when I say that…)

    The killing (or not) of Rogue (and the killing -or not- of Johnny Alpha) should have been epic beyond reproach shouldn’t they? I always wondered that If Rogue Mk1 had gotten so bad that it needed a reboot to Mk2 Friday, then why bother with such diatribe from Fleischer?

    Very rarely I could forget the inane dialogue of his scriptwriting and just go with the flow of the story for instance, when Simon Colby was on duty as he gave him a malevolent presence and the brooding unscripted panels were a relief.

    However I still have flashback script nightmares in 2000AD when I see characters uttering the immortal

    • oops… erm, that was Burt’s fault & now Mek Quake’s having him spit roasted…

      … continued

      However I still have flashback script nightmares in 2000AD, when I see any of todays characters uttering these immortal gems, whilst being taken by surprise, such as “What the?”… “Huh?” …”Who?”…”NO!”… ecetera.

      These were stock phrases for Rogue/Friday under Fleishers pen, in scenes where our hero was out witted, usually always by a bunch of typecast arsewipes and usually, at the end of each episode, with a gun pointed at his head by the arsewipe gang leader uttering a sinister “heh heh… got you now…heh heh heh…”

      It was seminal work, which always really got me on the edge of my seat, until of course, next prog, Friday would remember an anal molecular discombobulation device that he had planted up his arse all along. Whence upon, he’d just need to crack one off, and the baddies heads would all explode. Heh …heh… heh indeed. Then we would all have to turn the page and read Junker and Harlem Heroes in the same prog for exactly the same endings “Huh?” …”What the?”…”NOOOooooo!”

      It twas thence, Rouge was fucked.

      The strip had become a mockery of what once was an enjoyable romp through the never-glades, and really should have been dropped there & then. Preferably with Friday’s own head exploding after discovering that he also had a neural molecular discombobulation device planted in his brain.

      This would have been set by the Clavel Corporation to go off at the exact point when Rogue, after taking a rather hefty dump on planet the Shyte, looked down in the bog and realised that’s where the strip was going too….preferably with a suitable “Huh?…Nooooooooo!”

      Boom… “heh heh heh”…

  2. I hated Gina’s colouring on 2000AD. It was always so washed out, and didn’t fit.

    The latest ones, though, such as Dylan Teague, can’t be beat!

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